Halt Restart of Sendai Power Plant!
JUNE 1 Big Demo in Front of Diet Building

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JUNE 1 Big Demo in Front of Diet Building


Halt Restart of Sendai Power Plant!

JUNE 1 Big Demo in Front of Diet Building

Date: June 1, 2014 (Sunday) 14:00~17:00
Place: In front of Prime Minister’s residence and around Diet Building area
Organizer: Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes


Nearest station to Kokkaigijido
Sakuradamon (Yurakucho line), Kokkaigijidomae (Chiyoda line), Kasumigaseki (Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Hibiya lines), Nagatacho (Yurakucho, Hanzomon, Nanboku lines)

We will be protesting the government’s proposed restart of the Sendai nuclear reactor.
We believe that no reactors should be fired up. Currently, Japan is not using any nuclear reactors and we aim to keep it that way.

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ツイート文:Halt restart of Sendai Nuclear Power Plant! Protest at Diet Building. June 1 (Sunday), 14:00-17:00. Nuclear free JP!→http://coalitionagainstnukes.jp/?p=4211

14:00~16:00 Protest in front of the Prime Minister’s residence
14:00~17:00 Speeches and music by bipartisan lawmakers, representatives from the nuclear reactor region and well-known personalities in front of the main gate to the Diet Building


(Updated regularly)
Kazuyoshi Sato (Member of Iwaki City Council)
Katsuhiro Inoue (Member of Satsumasendai City Council)
Harumi Kondaiji (Member of Tsuruga City Council)
Etsuko Abe (Member of Aichi Prefecture Council)
Katsutaka Idogawa (Former mayor of Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture)

Tetsu Iwai (Voluntary representative of Kagoshima Han-Genpatsu Rengo)
Yoshiyuki Nakagawa (Hokkaido Coalition Against Nukes)
Keishi Nunohara (Miyagi Kinyou Demo)

Yui Kimura (Secretariat Director of Genpatu Zero wo Jitsugen Suru Kai) Wataru Ohashi (Deputy Representative of The Helen Caldicott Foundation Japan)

Satoshi Kamata (Sayonara Genpatsu 10 Million People’s Action)
Tatsuya Yoshioka (Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World)
Taro Fuchigami (Keisansho-Mae Tento Hiroba)
Makoto Yanagida (Saikado Soshi Zenkoku Network)

Naoto Kan (Former Prime Minister/Democratic Party of Japan/House of Representatives member)
Mizuho Fukushima (Deputy Leader of Social Democratic Party/Upper house member)
Yasuko Komiyama (People’s Life Party/House of Representatives member)
Akira Kasai (Japanese Communist Party/House of Representatives member)
Yoshiko Kira (Japanese Communist Party/Upper house member)
Yukiko Miyake (People’s Life Party/Former House of Representatives member)
Hiroshi Kawauchi (Democratic Party of Japan/Former House of Representatives member)

Seiichi Mizuno (Head Director of Think The Earth/Former upper house member)
Midori Kiuchi (Actress)
Kenichi Yamakawa (Novelist/Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design)
Kayoko Ikeda (German literature translator/Literary researcher)

Likkle Mai
Seppuku Pistols

(Titles omitted; random order)

The reality:

The LDP Party has backed away from the “zero-nuclear” policy proposed by the Democratic Party of Japan administration and elucidated the restart of nuclear facilities in its energy action plan. Most citizens have made it clear that they would like Japan to be free of nuclear power plants and the current administration is making a mockery of popular will. This must not be tolerated.
In addition, plans are in place to restart nuclear facilities in each area despite the fact that evacuation plans have not been formulated. The government is currently trying to restart the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.
The Sendai facility has a high risk of explosion and should not be restarted under any circumstances. The key focus of efforts going forward will be to prevent the restart of this facility.
The bigger the demonstrations and protests, the more likely they will become news. Also, the more people that see what is going on, the more likely we will get mass action. Large-scale demonstrations will put pressure on the government. This is a democratic action and anyone can participate.
Indirect democracy has become dysfunctional nowadays and we need to re-visualize our hope for the future by confronting the government.

– Please make appropriate preparations for all weather conditions.
– First-time protesters welcome.
– Approach staff if you feel unwell.
– Make sure all banners and signs are related to the anti-nuclear movement.
– Solicitation to participate in religious or other group strictly prohibited.
– Please do not distribute any printed material to participants that has not first been approved by organizers.
Please help with donations for this event
You can donate directly on the day to staff members calling for donations, or donate to the following:
Japan Post Bank (At Post Offices)
Account name: 首都圏反原発連合 (“Shutoken han-genpatsu rengo”)
Account number: 00170-1-291074
If you deposit from another bank, use the branch number 019.
*Please put “0601 kanpa” in the reference section.
Flier for distribution
Please download and help with distribution.
For large amounts, please contact us.
* Please understand that we are unable to specify date/time of delivery.
* Please also note that we may be unable to provide the number of fliers requested.
Click the button above and fill out the form to help with flier distribution (Form in Japanese only)

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