About Us



Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes was formed in September 2011 from a network of groups and individuals that want to see a safer and brighter future for Japan, and hence the world, by eliminating nuclear power generation. We actively organize peaceful marches, rallies and other public events disseminating information about why the nuclear power industry must be stopped.

Initiatives to date:
– Oct. 22, 2011: “Rally for a Nuke-Free World in JAPAN” (meeting & demonstration) in collaboration with the U.S.-based Coalition Against Nukes
– Jan. 14, 2012: “Nuclear Free Now Global Demonstration in Yokohama” in connection with the Nuclear Free Now Global Conference 2012 Yokohama (approx. 4,500 people)
– Mar. 11, 2012: Tokyo Big March – Mourning, and a New Oath of Anti-Nuclear Power” & candle-lit “human chain” protest surrounding the Diet in cooperation with the 3.11 National Action Network Against Restart of Nuclear Reactors (approx. 14,000 people)
– Mar. 2012~: Protests against the restart of the Ohi nuclear power plant (number of attendants grew rapidly from 300 in March to 12,000 and peaking at 200,000 following Prime Minister Noda’s decision to restart the plant)
– Tens of thousands of people continue to protest every Friday evening outside the prime minister’s official residence in Tokyo
– Jul. 29, 2012: Human Chain Action Against the Diet Building for a Nuclear Free World (approx. 200,000 people)
– Aug. 22, 2012:Direct request to Prime Minister Noda
Details: http://coalitionagainstnukes.jp/en/direct-request-to-prime-minister-noda

And the things continue to the present!!!

Future initiatives will include collaborations with other anti-nuclear and clean energy related groups and individuals from Japan and overseas aiming to achieve denuclearization.