アメリカ / 反核連合(Coalition Against Nukes)からの連帯声明

Posted on 9月 27th, 2011

2011年10月22日に開催した「Rally for a Nuke-Free World inJapan -原発のない世界を求める大行進-」への、アメリカの反核連合(Coalition Against Nukes)からの連帯声明






10月1日のデモは、Coalition Against Nukesやその他の反核団体、クリーンエネルギー推進団体の連帯なしには実現できませんでした。


Solidarity Greetings from the Anti-Nuclear Rallies in the United States

We extend our most heartfelt feelings of solidarity and support to the
people of Japan who are suffering from the combined disasters of the March
11 genpatsu shinsai. The natural disaster of the earthquake and tsunami was
made far worse by the entirely man-made health and environmental catastrophe
caused by humankind’s disastrous 60 year experiment with nuclear power.

However, we have not only been horrified on behalf of the Japanese people
and those living close to the meltdowns at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear
plants, we have also been tremendously inspired. We have been inspired by
the spirit, heroism and activism of Japanese workers, farmers and women who
have organized against the corruption and incompetence of TEPCO, the
Japanese nuclear regulatory agency and the irresponsibility of the Japanese
government; a government that has sacrificed the health and welfare of their
citizens for economic and political expediency.

This has given us the strength and motivation to organize here at home,
where our government is just as deep in the pocket of dangerous, corrupt ,
and reckless, nuclear corporations as in Japan. We are committed to
building a movement to shut down the 104 ageing nuclear reactors in the US
so that no-one has to go through what you have had to go through. We know
there is no such thing as a safe nuclear power plant and we don’t need any
more catastrophic accidents like Fukushima, Chernobyl or Three Mile Island
to prove it. No child should have to go to school with a radiation
dosimeter and no parent should have to worry about them playing in the
schoolyard for fear of radioactive contamination. Nor do we want to poison
our land, air and oceans for tens of thousands of years with even more
radioactive waste from nuclear power generation without any way of safe

We extend our solidarity and support to all the people of Japan in the face
of the ongoing nuclear crisis because we also know that radiation has no
respect for national boundaries. All those who oppose nuclear power and
want to build a clean energy future where our children and their children
and their children’s children are born and grow up able to eat safely,
breath clean air and drink fresh water uncontaminated with nuclear radiation
must link arms to build an international anti-nuclear movement.

Your Fight is Our Fight. Your Struggle is Our Struggle. We Will Always
Stand With You.
In Solidarity. For a Nuclear-Free World,

US Anti-Nuclear Activists, Oct 1 Demonstrations.
Coalition Against Nukes and all of the many anti-nuclear, pro clean energy
organizations, that made the rallies on October 1st possible. We stand with
you on this day, and every day, until the nuclear threat is finally over.


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